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Despite his superb tournament pedigree, Phil’s nitty, conservative approach has seen him endure a torrid time on televised cash games.

A few months ago on Poker After Dark, Daniel Negreanu explained Phil didn’t have the experience of the nosebleed stakes to mix it up with the younger, more aggressive generation.

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He torpedoed Elk Y's Aces and secured a nice chunk of the French wunderkind's stack."Merde! Right now, I could hear my colleagues in the French media hurling politically slanted insults, vaginal-laced obscenities, and empty wine bottles at Norm & Lon for their gross mispronunciation of Elk Y's real name.Duke hit back however, claiming that a separate event did no favours for breaking down the sexual barriers in the game.The shrewd Negreanu, however, found the hypocrisy in Duke’s repost.Despite claiming men and women are equal at the felt, Duke, in sync with her UB marketing image, champions herself as the ‘best female poker player in the world’ on her website.Negreanu went on to say, ‘how offensive are you, you f***ing c***? Daniel’s attack has polarised opinion amongst poker circles.