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The following is a list of discovery-related differences between electronic documents and paper ones.We assume that a paper document is a document that was created, maintained, and used manually as a paper documents; it is simply a hard copy of an electronic document.Accordingly 1, such a company has over 2 million documents.Just one personal hard drive can contain 1.5 million pages of data, and one corporate backup tape can contain 4 million pages of data.Papers are then ranked according to their score, with a cut-off for oral presentation and for poster presentation, according to the number of presentations and posters that can be accommodated.The Conference Committee have the right to promote no more than four papers from poster to oral presentation to ensure a balanced agenda for the conference.I need to be able to scan a paper form into Word 2003 and create a template from the document so that I can enter new text into the existing text fields.I then want to be able to send the new text to my printer so that it will be added to sheets of the original paper form.

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All authors including those presenting a poster are required to submit a paper for inclusion in the proceedings.

1 The Difference between Electronic and Paper Documents In principle, electronic discovery is no different than paper discovery.

All sorts of documents are subject to discovery electronic or otherwise. There are substantial differences between the discoveries of the two media.

Once the paper selection has been completed authors are informed and the conference programme published on the conference website.

Please use the following paper template to produce your paper - Full Paper Template (file).