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A year later, he's back in the same debt ridden situation.Kaiji then gets a chance to clear himself of his 200 million Yen debt, but he has only 2 weeks.The storyline is based on the entirety of the Death Note series, from Light finding the notebook to the Yellow Box Warehouse. Rules as Kira When using Kira, one of your characters possesses the Death Note.The Death Note can be used to set a Death Note Space, or it can be transferred to another Kira character.I'm just gonna walk away from this and never return. But I've got a lil neighbour that reads Death Note and if they find this they're gonna start writing everyone's name they hate in it and attempt it to be real.It's good for writing Donald Trump's name or Hillary Clinton's name in! although this was a decent attempt at recreating the story from the original manga content despite its detractions from the original source it doesn't really work as a film, even in 2 two hour movies it still isn't long enough, the anime series is currently at 15 half hour episodes and needs every second of it to build the characters, although they were fairly well cast, especially the part of L, but the cut in time left the characters feeling wrong, for example light seems to be troubled by emotions and such whereas in the anime he came across as cold, calculating and emotionless, if he needed to kill his own family he would do so without a second thought if he saw it neccecary for his cause, it also seemed as if they had attempted to make him likable or at least have the viewer sympathise with him in some way instead of the true demon he really is and by doing all this he doesn't come across as intelligent as his original manga counterpart.

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Also, Kira characters can disguise themselves as another Kira character (Light can be disguised as Mikami, and Mikami would be disguised as Light) to lure investigators away from the true Kira.Jeremy Slater (“Fantastic Four”) wrote a recent draft of the script. Wingard is repped by CAA, Jeremy Platt at Plattform and attorney Todd Rubenstein at Barnes Morris.The miniseries focuses on the three new lead characters of the film Death Note: Light Up the NEW World: Tsukuru Mishima, Ryuzaki, and Yuki Shien. See full summary » The movie begins with a short narration by the late L who breaks the fourth wall by reviewing what had happened in the previous Relight movie. See full summary » Kaiji erased all of his debts in the first movie.The film, directed by 's Adam Wingard, stars Nat Wolff, Margaret Qualley , Lakeith Stanfield, Paul Nakauchi, Shea Whigham, and Willem Dafoe.It follows a high school student who finds a notebook, "Death Note," which has the power to kill anyone whose name is written in it.