Entj dating entj

This assertion is made in many published references (Carlson & Williams, 1984; Myers & Mc Caulley, 1985; Myers & Myers 1980; Sherman, 1981).The most important similarity is the N/S dichotomy.Keirsey referred to ENTJs as Fieldmarshals, one of the four types belonging to the temperament he called the Rationals.ENTJs account for 1–3% of males formally tested and 1–2% of females.

Some also refer to this type of persona as “the moneymaker” because statistically speaking this character would be likely to have a lucrative and successful career.

The place where the INTP and INFP differ is that the INTP puts a high value on logic, accuracy, and precision, whereas the INFP puts a value on emotions, morals, and their own values. They spend lots of time learning, testing, and analyzing their world in order to know the best way to navigate.

The INFP wants to live a life that aligns with who they are as a person.

The INTP and INFP at first glance might seem like two different types, but they actually share many similarities that make them challenging to tell apart.

The similarities between the INFP vs INTP is that they both are very keen at seeing possibilities and what could be.