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A simple but effective “Update Status Indicator” can be generated using the excellent Custom Fields features available in Microsoft Project 2000 and later versions. button and enter “Update Status” to rename the field. A warning appears that any existing data in the Update Status field will be deleted. If it is complete, the formula returns a value of 3.When you need to revise a large project plan, how do you identify those tasks that need updating? In the Customize Fields dialog box select field Type “Number” and the select a Number field from the list (I used Number20). If not, the formula checks to see if the Start date is before the Status Date but is still 0% complete. If not, the formula checks for tasks started but not due to finish until after the Status Date, in which case a value of 1 is returned.Right-click on the flag field you want to customize and choose Custom Fields. Under the Custom Attributes section, click the Formula button. A formula editor will appear, allowing you to insert different fields and conditions. This is highly recommended, especially if you are creating an executive summary report.Our recommended setting for summary tasks is the Rollup option, with the dropdown set to “OR”.Corn, Alfalfa hay and All-milk full month prices (not preliminary) can be found in the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) Agricultural Prices monthly publication.Soybean Meal prices can be found in the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) daily Central Illinois Soybean Processor report .This gives you a lot of flexibility to set up import rules, apply them to a flag field, and then have One Pager Pro automatically import the tasks and milestones that meet your criteria.To add a formula to a flag field, just follow these steps: 1. After you’ve written your formula, you will have the option to apply it to summary tasks as well.

Note Project 2007 and later versions of Project do not have the ability to save to the Project 98 file format.” In nearly all cases, no. If you open a Project file created from a later version and save it the file to your current version, you can lose data or formatting in areas where the later version contains enhanced functionality.

But, what if you have a lot of tasks, and you don’t want to hand-select the important ones? Instead of changing flag fields by hand, you can have a formula do it for you based on the values in your project plan.

Just like formulas in Excel, MS Project formulas can look at the data in your project plan and dynamically adjust the value of any flag, text or number column.

The Margin Protection Program for Dairy Producers (MPP-Dairy) replaces MILC and is effective through December 31, 2018.

The Margin Protection Program offers dairy producers: (1) catastrophic coverage, at no cost to the producer, other than an annual 0 administrative fee; and (2) various levels of buy-up coverage.