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Hero Mart Summer Sale Ends Soon Stay cool offline with Hero Mart's real-life gamer merch! Dragon Fable is a brand new web based role playing game which will take you deeper than ever into the Adventure Quest world.

Save 25% on select T-shirts through September 4, 2017. Hero to unlock Hero Points for special in-game item rewards. While Jaania is locked in a duel with a Magesterium representative, you are escorting the King and the Princess to safety, as she requested. Create your character and become the hero of an evolving weekly storyline.

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Dragon Fable is free to play, but if you like what we are doing you can help support the game by upgrading with a powerful Dragon Amulet unlocking exclusive areas and powerful items. He's agreed to steer clear of the food preparation, and has his own plans to protect the feast. Last year you helped Bubble fix all of the past mistakes. Make sure you are up to date on all previous Mogloween releases, head over to the Mogloween book and experience Chapter 11th!

Ik trok mijn peignoirtje uit en stapte in het warme schuim. Dus wat doe ik, ik begin mezelf heerlijk te strelen. Oh, zalig hoor, je hoort aan mijn stem dat ik er helemaal geil van word als ik er alleen maar aan denk!

Dragon Fable is an animated fantasy RPG that you can play using your web browser. The feast is nearly ready, the food is ready to be prepared for the great event.

You are the hero of Dragon Fable, and by your side stands your valiant companion, your dragon! and many other locations are all under attack, all at once! In Adventure Quest, a series of events that will change the shape of the world forever are taking place.

If you haven't gotten your dragon companion yet, find out how to train your dragon from a hatchling to titan-sized and fulfill your destiny of saving the world! The climax of this war is said to be on the 20th of January... A story so large is unfolding that it will take two very different games to tell it.