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From the looks of photos snapped over the weekend, Sara’s moved on.Music producer Perry, 46, and Gilbert, 36, were spotted smiling and strolling hand-in-hand in West Hollywood."It's like the most amazing proposal ever," the former Roseanne star, 39, gushed about Perry's romantic musical picnic."I'm sitting there listening and I'm kind of daydreaming and I'm thinking like, 'If I ever proposed to her this would be an amazing way to do it.' The people picnicking next to us pull out string instruments from under the blanket, walk over and they start playing (The Cure's) 'Lovesong,'" she explained of her fiancee's elaborate engagement plan.(Answer: “It’s just my life.”)While Ford doesn’t find the news about her sexuality to be all that noteworthy, she was warm and open about her relationship with singer/songwriter Linda Perry, telling You’re probably familiar with Linda Perry, even if you think you’re not.In addition to being a popular singer in the late ’90s, Perry has written and produced some me ga-hits for current recording artists, including Pink‘s “Get This Party Started,” Gwen Stefani’s “What Are You Waiting For?“The Talk” star spoke about about her breakup on the show, explaining that there was still "a lot of love" between her and Adler.Especially thanks to their "beautiful children," Levi, 7, and Sawyer, 4.

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star, however, expressed being a little mystified as to how the news got out before she was ready to share it (Earth to Gilbert: you're a celebrity)."It was Sunday morning and I wasn't really prepared and there were these articles out that I'm in a new relationship," she an American Grammy nominated rock singer-songwriter, and record producer.She first became known as the lead singer and primary songwriter of 4 Non Blondes and has since founded two record labels and composed and produced hit songs for several other artists.Despite struggling with kidney disease and then drug addiction, she still focused on music.Her mother is Brazilian and her father was Portuguese.