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SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is used for a broad range of usage scenarios in enterprise and scientific data centers.

SUSE has ensured SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is set up in a way that it accommodates different operation purposes with optimal performance.

However, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server must meet very different demands when employed on a number crunching server compared to a file server, for example.

Generally it is not possible to ship a distribution that will by default be optimized for all kinds of workloads.

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It seems that PAM and SSH do not work great together.

For this reason pam_tally is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

pam_tally comes in two parts: is an (optional) application which can be used to interrogate and manipulate the counter file.

You can use PAM to monitor failed ssh login attempts, and act on them (e.g., blocking user).

In this tutorial, I will show how to configure PAM to monitor failed ssh login attempts on Cent OS.