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SEE ALSO: North Korean defectors open up about the brutal, unfair treatment against women in North Korea "I come to think that I made a good decision in becoming a teacher when I see students grow in a good direction after listening to me", said Lee Min Gyu.

In the interview, he also revealed that he's currently single and shared how he enjoys traveling during the school breaks.

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"Killer Chat" first aired in the United States on December 15, 2006.

Fans and several members of the crew found themselves opposing the episode's gore.

In the episode, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents investigate the murders of several child molesters while a pair of mathematicians prepare to say goodbye to a friend.

Stories about child molesters and his own experiences as a parent inspired series writer Don Mc Gill to write the episode.

Sex addiction (or sexual addiction) has been hotly debated, however it is becoming more and more accepted by psychologists as a condition; while some still suggest it is a compulsive behaviour rather than addiction, our advisers here at Mental Healthy stand by the former and state that sex addiction is in fact a real disorder.

Lee Min Gyu is becoming a viral topic after photos of him spread online.

It's also revealed that he has been featured in the August issue of fashion magazine 'Cosmopolitan', where he talked about his job as a teacher, dating, and more.

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