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The Enterprise Services BI team (ESBI) provides a unified reporting platform for over 20,000 Premier Support and Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) resources.ESBI helps Premier Support and MCS build credible relationships with customers by providing consultants in the field with critical, real-time data about customers’ product and services purchases, transactions, accounts, billing, usage, compliance, issues, and risks.As an early adopter of SQL Server 2016, the Microsoft IT Enterprise Services BI team has identified their top eight features and enhancements that have the potential to increase productivity for people who design, develop, and maintain critical data storage systems.The Microsoft IT Showcase team wanted to meet the evolving expectations of its users by delivering content through modern, mobile-first and cloud-first experiences.Microsoft IT has the enormous job of rolling out business intelligence (BI) solutions to more than 200,000 people within the company.Microsoft SQL Server 2016 includes new and improved features that will provide BI users at Microsoft greater availability, better performance, and more security.Our menu system has been rebuilt from the ground up to make it even more customizable than ever.Our deeply customizable new menu can be laid out however you'd like.

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The If the query passes a column to a function, then the query cannot use user-created indexes on that column, so the query might invoke the function for every row of the table (which might be very large).

, the PL/SQL compiler translated your source text to system code without applying many changes to improve performance.

Now, PL/SQL uses an optimizer that can rearrange code for better performance. In rare cases, if the overhead of the optimizer makes compilation of very large applications too slow, you can lower the optimization by setting the compilation parameter .

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