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To replace confinement in jails with adults, the early juvenile courts created a probation system and used a separate service-delivery system to provide minors with supervision, guidance, and education.Soon every state and the District of Columbia had followed Illinois’s lead and established a juvenile court.We know it is often hard to find the time and patience for worshiping as a whole family–many of us on staff have children and youth ourselves and we are right there with you!

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Or are we under the impression that there's nothing interesting about rooms for teen boys because ruffles and pom-poms aren't going to be part of the scheme?The juvenile justice system has grown and changed substantially since 1899, when the nation’s first juvenile court was established in Illinois.Originally, the court process was informal—often nothing more than a conversation between the youth and the judge—and the defendant lacked legal representation. We carry many styles and brands that are not yet shown online. Also when shopping on our website, keep in mind that we carry additional youth bedroom suites in-store that may not be listed here.We are currently working hard to update our entire online catalog however for our best selection we invite you to visit our showroom today! Are you looking for a comfortable, stylish and affordable new youth bedroom suite? Give us a call or stop in and visit and we're sure to find you the style that your looking for.