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“I had a couple of requirements for my mom friends,” says Frank.

“One was, I needed to be able to make a stupid joke without getting crickets [silence] in return. “And most of all, you need to be able to say what you’re thinking without the other person giving you a look that says you’ve just screwed up your child for life.” For the speed dating portion of the evening, about 60 moms sat across from each other at a table, making conversation for 4 minutes before a gong sounded, at which point women on one side had to move to the left to meet their next prospect.

Plus, as any veteran of the dating scene knows, all of this is a numbers game — and all it takes is one.

“I work in the fashion industry, I spend all day with women, and at when I get home, I need to hear a man’s voice, and I want to hear Kai Ryssdal.” (L. Organized by the firm NY Easy Dates, the night entailed 20 dates lasting four minutes each, all in a span not quite as long as an episode of .

Before the event began, Frank offered some suggested icebreakers, like “most ridiculous thing you’ve done due to sleep deprivation” and “I knew I was a mom when . .” But from the sound of the din, the attendees weren’t having any trouble breaking the ice.

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WNYC Radio and New York Easy Dates are working together to bring together NYC\'s best singles for a unique dating experience at one Speed Dating is no longer just for younger men and women, we are seeing the ages of participants slowly going up.set in Vancouver”; a trumpeter; a glassblower; a geologist; a couples therapist; a man who implied he did something for the F. Other women, perched on the edge of their seats, seemed alternately excited or long-suffering. Wearing a pantsuit unironically–a sign that she was not the G.“It’s fun,” said one, “and WNYC usually brings out good people.” “I really think we all should have just donated to the station, considering,” said another. A crowd that favored soothing voices and world music erupted like a racetrack on a Saturday afternoon. Either the takeaway would be bliss or, all things considered, pretty banal: Where are you from? O.’s type (he would meet nonesuch, except maybe the brunette)–she said a close second was Mr.Lehrer, though “if he comes on [at 10 a.m.], I know I’m late for work.” The G.O.’s second date surprised him by saying that she did not much listen to WNYC but preferred in the car to tune into WOR, 710 on the AM dial, “for the holistic health tips.” His third date reminded him of one of his college roommates’ ex-girlfriends.