Yamada ryosuke dating 2016

Isn’t that kind of like a domineering husband situation? That’s why I think it’s better if the wife is the domineering one. I’ll work hard outside the house, so please take care of housework! Yaotome: I wish her to take care of things at home, and I want her to be there when I return from work.

The kind of family where you can discuss with each other and listen to others’ opinions is the best. Because I see that, I think I want to be kind and very sweet to my wife as well. Arioka: I want her to protect the household, so it would be good if she was a housewife, but I won’t restrict her if she wants to work. It’s also fine for her to take care of the money management.

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like the very natural acting skills of Kim Rae Won... I quit watching Korean dramas and movies for more than 7 years since it is very addictive but I m happy that I have started watching it again. From a cute handsome tall guy to a cool, mature, amazingly good looking person.. i hope he portrayed more bright character like from "doctors" "my little bride" and "...ing" I am not a fan of the actor or actress anyone ... The couple has a great chemistry and the way they act..itz so realistic!! KIM RAE WON AND PARK SHIN HYE..your drama tops the ratings and it wuld turn out to be a succesful show!! Read that you will be teaming up with Park Shin Hye in the upcoming Kdrama "Doctors" in June 2016. He did everything very well - neither over-acting nor being too wooden. His work so far has been exciting and varied, showing a willingness to take risks and push boundaries. You are my favorite and most love Korean actor..I wish to see you in person! When I come back home, I want her to say “Welcome home”.I’ll return the favour by helping at the kitchen garden and making dinner every once in a while.• Both Working … I wonder how these two would perform in another movie or drama now that they are older. admire his talent and dedication :) I am amazed at both Kim Rae Won and Lee Min Ho. Lee Min Ho has gone from "Flower Boy" and matured into a man, that became evil in this performance and made me believe it. He in my opinion has left the "pretty boy" behind to become a promising actor with versatility. Please make some more dramas soon for your fans, KRW. I hope he take care of his body though since its one of the most important thing in being an actor. I've watched Doctors for so many times and I love it so much. Rae Won can look serious in other roles but he can easily shift to comedy, proving that he can really act. Your chemistry with Park Shin Hye is so pure and innocent. He portrays alot through his eyes and facial features. eats drinks and walks, he pays attention to the details. He is not the most handsome, but his dramas are most entertaining by far.